Friday, 31 May 2013

The challenge ...


Welcome to the first instalment of 'Manna'! Let me first congratulate you on finding your way to our little cwtch of the interweb, come on in, take off you shoes put on your cyber slippers and apron because we about to get stuck in to some good ol' homecooking! We hope we can provide some useful tips, recipes and chitchat to make your mealtimes a little more interesting and tasty gorgeous:)

Now let me explain who we are and what on earth we are doing! I am Matt...hello! And that's my girlfriend Hannah...... (she's shy). I love food and pottering around in the kitchen making meals and adapting recipes, it's my chance to be creative every day! Hannah is a wonderful cook herself and excels in baked goodies. Cakes, biscuits and muffins she's a dynamo in kitchen!

Recently we had the opportunity to get involved with an excellent debt counselling charity by the name of CAP (Christians against poverty) https://capuk.orgThey do outstanding work with clients who are struggling with debt. One of the ways they help people to get out of debt is by setting them a budget. This is where Hannah and I had our first ideas. We discussed how difficult it would be to live on such a budget and wondered if we would be able to stick to it. We got in contact with the CAP area manager in Southampton and found out some information about how clients are helped and what type of budgets they would be given. He told us that an average food budget for a CAP client was anywhere between £14 - £40 per week per person. Yikes! Now this provided a challenge for us, as we both like to eat well and were more likely to spend £14 a day than in a week!

After a little discussion the challenge was agreed upon. We were to live on a CAP food budget of £14 per week for one month. The money we would have saved from not spending so frivolously would then be donated to CAP. As we discussed it further we became inspired to do more than just live on the budget, but to make the food as tasty and nutritious as possible! Then to provide these recipes for the CAP clients so that they have some good ideas and eat well.

This is where the blog idea was formed, it will be a place to document our trials and efforts as well as be a place to find recipes and budget shopping information.

So that's it I hope you come back and visit regularly. Please feel free to leave lots of comments to let us know how well/ terribly we are doing and to share your budget food ideas. If you have any requests I will happily work on recipes for you and do my best to bring them under budget!

So, until next time

Tata for now


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